The Rosie Peer Group Program

The Rosie Peer Group Program is focused on creating support networks for all women interested in career advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please contact us right away so we can help you address any issues. We can place you on a waitlist for a future peer group if you prefer.

Yes. To obtain services in French please contact us at

The purpose of the Rosie Peer Group Program is not to seek or secure employment from your facilitator or peers but rather to support your professional and personal growth.

The Rosie Peer Group Program is a national, virtual program. By offering the program virtually, participants gain access to peers otherwise unavailable because of geographic limitations. However, you and your group are welcome to get together socially at any time!

The purpose of the peer groups is to connect women so they can share their feelings and frustrations, reflect on challenges and opportunities, and receive guidance and support from their peers. During the kickoff meeting of a peer group, participants are encouraged to discuss and agree on the topics/themes they will address throughout the program, and individuals are encouraged to set personal development goals they can focus on during the program.

Yes. We encourage previous participants to participate in the program again. We understand that peers may want to develop additional professional skills, and that the guidance and support of different peers may be beneficial. Interested individuals are also not limited to applying only as peers or facilitators: you can apply for both roles in different rounds of the program.

In addition to the Rosie Peer Group Program, we offer the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program. Mentors will guide and assist protégées one-on-one as they work towards their personal and professional development goals and create strategies together for reaching them. Please visit the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program page if you are interested in learning more.

We create peer groups based on demand from applicants. We typically create peer groups for a specific seniority level or career stage and will sometimes create a peer group for a specific industry or profession. This way, you can receive different perspectives on challenges and situations that you may want to address in peer group discussions.

Yes, you can apply and participate in both programs at the same time. However, individuals are expected to meet the time commitment and requirements of both programs.

When applying, you can indicate on your application if you are interested in being placed on the waitlist if you are not selected for your desired peer group. We will keep your application on file, and we will notify you when a peer group that matches your criteria is launched.

We are continuously recruiting for facilitators and peers, so we encourage you to apply when you’re available. For peers, keep your eyes open for a peer group you are interested in joining. Otherwise, you can be placed on our waitlist for a future peer group that best matches your background and experience. Peer groups are launched on a demand/ad hoc basis.

Facilitators are not paid. Facilitators volunteer their time, experience, and knowledge to guide women in their careers; we thank them for their generosity.

We require all participants to share their feedback and insight through check-ins. These check-ins allow you to share feedback on your experience, the supporting materials, your peer group, and the overall program. If you have feedback you would like to share outside of the check-ins, please email us at