Our Impact

Nothing can illustrate the impact of the Rosie Initiative like the stories of our participants. We are consistently overwhelmed with pride when mentors and protégées, and facilitators and peers, tell us about the impact that the mentoring programs have had in their lives. We invite you to sit back and read some heartwarming stories about building trust, gaining confidence, and achieving success through the Rosie Mentoring Programs.  

Monthly Feature Story

Mentoring Matters

Throughout our careers as women, we encounter different societal biases and systemic barriers to success based on racial heritage, socioeconomic circumstances and other lived experiences. We also carry the weight of our own self-doubt! In the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program, discover supportive, trust-based professional relationships where experienced mentors offer expertise and aspiring protégées find inspiration. Learn how participants unlock their full potential through meaningful connections and shared knowledge.

Growing Together ​

Discover a supportive and empowering community where skilled facilitators create spaces for women to connect, support one another, and foster personal and professional growth. Join a vibrant community where facilitators guide and empower women, sparking meaningful conversations and connections. Make your journey to success a shared experience and learn the immense power of working and growing together.