Rosie Ambassador Pledge

Take the Pledge to stand with Canadian women to ensure they are equal partners in Canada’s economic recovery.

During World War II, the Rosie-the-Riveter ‘We Can Do It!’ campaign propelled women into the workforce, where they became significant contributors to the economy. The campaign inspired women to contribute in a new way and improve their lives, “not as wives or daughters, but as individuals” in the workforce¹. These pioneering women challenged gender stereotypes and norms, paving the way for future generations of women to enter the workforce in greater numbers, advance in their chosen careers and contribute to the financial well-being of their families.

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women in many ways. Nearly 100,000 working-age Canadian women have completely left the workforce². Industries, where women are over-represented, have been significantly affected. While women’s economic contributions have grown, the majority of unpaid care and domestic work continues to be placed on women’s shoulders. Our research shows that working mothers report significantly higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than working fathers during the pandemic. It is very clear that women have a crucial role to play in Canada’s economic recovery. It is also very clear that governments, employers and working fathers have crucial roles to play to help make this happen.

You are invited to join our Modern-Day Rosie the Riveter-Inspired Initiative. Let Canadian women and girls know that you support their participation in the workforce. After all, it’s not complicated: when women succeed, we all prosper.

The Rosie Initiative is grateful to Co-Presenting Partners Capital Power and Ontario Power Generation and Amplify Partner BGIS for their support.


Rosie Ambassador Pledge

352 signatures = 70% of goal

As a Rosie Ambassador, I pledge to:  

  • Be a voice advocating for women’s involvement and advancement in Canada’s workforce and amplify other women’s voices; 
  • Stand in solidarity with women and girls who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; 
  • Promote equal household responsibilities between men and women by challenging societal gender norms; 
  • Amplify the work of positive role models and share opportunities for mentorship; and, 
  • Support the It’s Not Complicated awareness campaign by sharing The Prosperity Project’s social media content. 

You can help spread the message by sharing our pledge on social media and encouraging others to stand alongside Canadian women.