The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Rosie Mentoring Program is a six-month program. We recommend Mentors and Protégées schedule four 1 1/2 hour meetings or six 1 hour meetings. We ask that the meeting cadence be set in the first meeting.

Please contact us right away so we can help you address any issues. If you prefer, we can undertake a new match in the next cohort.  Or, you may wish not to continue in the program. 

No. The Rosie Mentoring Program is offered free of charge to Protégées thanks to the generosity of our Mentors and Founding Partners including the Program’s Co-Presenting Partners Capital Power and Ontario Power Generation.

We invite you to complete an online application form and provide us with your CV/Résumé via email at, which will be saved to help us find a match. If we need any additional information, one of the Rosie team members will connect with you.

At this time, the Rosie Mentoring Program services and supporting materials are English-only. However, you can request that your match speaks your preferred language (EN/FR). In the future, we plan to make the Rosie Mentoring Program fully bilingual.

Yes. Mentors and Protégées are required to complete an online application form and provide their CV/Résumés, which will be saved to help us find a match.

We provide both Mentors and Protégées with supporting materials to assist in the setting of goals and objectives. Each participant receives a Guide (Mentor Guide or Protégée Guide).   Protégées will also receive an Action Plan to help them set goals and track their progress. After being matched, Mentors and Protégées should discuss their expectations and review the Protégées’ goals and objectives. 

The purpose of the Rosie Mentoring Program is not to seek or secure employment from your Mentor but rather to support your professional and personal growth. 

The Rosie Mentoring Program opens doors for Canadian women who aspire to launch or grow their careers in STEM, skilled trades and leadership.

Mentoring matters – it expands one’s network and leads to career, educational and professional opportunities. It is a supportive relationship that allows both Mentors and Protégées to develop new skills, explore new ideas and achieve personal growth. In addition, this program will help Protégées set specific goals and objectives for their professional and personal development and track their progress with the guidance of Mentors.

The Rosie Mentoring Program is a virtual pan-Canadian program. By offering the Program virtually, Protégées gain access to Mentors who would otherwise not be available because of geographic limitations.

Yes, we encourage previous participants to re-apply to the Program. We understand that Protégées may want to develop additional professional skills, and that the guidance and support Mentors provide may be beneficial to more than one Protégée. Interested individuals are also not limited to applying only as Protégées or Mentors: you can apply for both roles in different rounds of the program. We believe that professional growth and skill development are continuous processes, and therefore, you can take on a Protégée or Mentor role at several points in your career.

Please note that individuals applying to be a Mentor or Protégée who have not yet participated in the program will be given priority.

Matches between Mentors and Protégées are made based on the information shared in the applications. The Rosie team does their best to select a match based on the compatibility of both applicants’ goals, offerings, and knowledge.

The Rosie Mentoring Program is open to Canadian women interested in being Protégées and industry professionals – all genders welcome – interested in being Mentors, with a specific focus on STEM, skilled trades and leadership. Protégées must have at least one year of work experience in their respective fields, while Mentors must have over five years of experience.