The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program opens doors for self-identifying women residing in Canada who are looking to launch or grow their careers in STEM, skilled trades, and leadership. The Rosie Initiative created this program to provide women with the opportunity to join a diverse and influential community of like-minded professionals who are interested in skills development and broadening their professional and personal networks.

Mentoring matters – it expands one’s network and leads to professional and educational opportunities. The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program involves a supportive relationship that allows both mentors and protégées to develop new skills and explore new ideas. In addition, this program will help protégées set specific goals for their professional and personal development and track their progress with the guidance of mentors.

The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program is a six-month program with matches expected to meet once a month for 1 to 2 hours. We recommend that the meeting cadence be set in the first meeting.

Please contact us right away so we can help you address any issues. If you prefer, we can look to find you a new match in the next cohort.

No, the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program is offered free of charge to protégées thanks to the generosity of our mentors and the Initiative’s Co-Presenting Partners Capital Power and Ontario Power Generation and Amplify Partner BGIS.

We invite you to complete an online application form, which you can find linked to on the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program page. If we identify a potential match for you, the Rosie Initiative team will connect with you to set up a brief introductory call. We typically require 2-3 weeks to review applications and complete all introductory calls. Once we have identified and notified all matches for the cohort, we host an onboarding session for each group. Following the onboarding session, we introduce all matches via email that same week.

Currently, the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program’s administrative support and materials are English-only. However, you can request that your match speaks your preferred language (EN/FR). In the future, we plan to make the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program fully bilingual.

The purpose of the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program is not to seek or secure employment from your mentor but rather to support your professional and personal growth.

The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program is a national, virtual program. By offering the program virtually, protégées gain access to mentors who would otherwise not be available because of geographic limitations. However, you and your match are welcome to get together socially at any time!

The Rosie Mentoring Program opens doors for Canadian women who aspire to launch or grow their We provide both mentors and protégées with supporting materials to assist in setting goals and objectives. These materials include an Action Plan to help set goals and track their progress. After being matched, mentors and protégées should discuss their expectations and review the protégées’ goals and objectives.

Yes, we encourage previous participants to participate in the program again. We understand that protégées may want to develop additional professional skills, and that the guidance and support mentors provide may be beneficial to more than one protégée. Interested individuals are also not limited to applying only as protégées or mentors: you can apply for both roles in different cohorts of the program. Please note that individuals applying to be a mentor or protégée who have not yet participated in the program will be given priority.

In addition to the Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program, we offer the Rosie Peer Group Mentoring Program. Peer groups will act as a supportive and developmental environment where participants can share their work/life experiences, prompt insightful discussions and seek guidance. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the Rosie Peer Group Mentoring page.

Matches between mentors and protégées are made based on the information shared in the applications. The Rosie Initiative team does their best to select a match based on industry and/or program goals and objectives.

The Rosie 1:1 Mentoring Program is open to self-identifying women residing in Canada interested in being protégées and industry professionals – all genders welcome – interested in being mentors. Protégées must have at least one year of work experience, while mentors must have over five years of experience in their respective fields.

Yes, you can apply and participate in both programs at the same time. However, applicants must acknowledge the time commitment and expectations of both programs.

If we are unable to match you for the cohort for which you applied, you will be emailed about participating in a future cohort. If you were not matched, this likely means we could not identify a suitable mentor/protégée for you, and it does not necessarily reflect the quality of your application. If you choose to be considered for a future cohort, we will keep your application on file and move it forwards for consideration. If you are interested in updating your application, please reach out to the Rosie Initiative team at

We are continuously recruiting for mentor and protégée applications, so we encourage you to apply when you’re available. Cohorts are typically launched every three to four months.

No, mentors are not paid. Mentors volunteer their time, experience, and knowledge to guide women in their careers; we thank them for their generosity.

Yes, we encourage you to network during the program. We will invite you to join a private LinkedIn group for participants in the Rosie Mentoring Programs. We are actively looking to expand our networking opportunities to incorporate workshops and other interactive events!

Yes, this is possible. Often, we identify matches with similar skillsets and experiences that may be working at the same organization. Before we match you, we will confirm you’re interested in being matched with someone in the same organization. 

If you are interested in only being matched with a woman mentor, we encourage you to indicate this in your application. We recognize that there are specific challenges that someone of the same gender can relate to. 

We invite all participants to share their feedback and insight through two check-ins. These check-ins allow you to share feedback on your experience, the supporting materials, your match, and the overall program. If you have feedback you would like to share outside of the check-ins, please email us at